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Take Surveys – Giveaways is an online marketing website sponsored by many famous and popular companies, which are listed below. How it works? – Large multi-billion dollar corporations need your feedback and suggestions about their products and are willing to pay huge sums of money to get it. Giveaways help promote them, in the best way possible. If you have a computer and like giving your opinion, you might want to try doing online surveys from home and try to win some awesome Gift Card, Surveys, Voucher, iPhone etc. There are hundreds of companies that enlist research panels of average consumers to complete surveys online. Why join us? – We remove the hassle so you can focus on giving your opinions and getting rewarded. Tell us what you think about the products you use every day or even try new ones before they hit store shelves! With us your ideas really do make a difference.


How do you participate?

The registration form asks questions about you and your household. We use this information to determine which surveys are relevant to you based on what you are interested in. All potential winners are subject to verification before any prize will be awarded. Sponsor reserves the right to verify the eligibility of winners. There are three simple steps to pass through and that’s pretty much it.


  • First thing you need to do is to select which survey you want to apply for. 

  • Then you have to leave your info ( name, age, email address, etc.. ) 

  • Finally, answer 10-15 short questions about yourself and the applied Giveaway.


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